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Created & Shared by:
Ryan M Colón

Join Our Recommended SafeList Programs

A safelist is a mailing list that is geared towards advertising web sites, business opportunities, and so forth. All members of a free or paid safelist agree to receive advertising emails from the other members. It benefits you by allowing you to advertise to a number of people via email, without having to resort to spam.

Feel free to join the programs below. After you join you can enter your referral IDs from the companies so that all of the people you sponsor can join under you. That will be 10 or more income streams added to your Worldprofit Dealership!


Name Herculist
Description Over 47,000 members. You will earn 35% commission on ALL Gold and PRO members who join through your affiliate site. Join free or upgrade monthly $14.95
Join URL http://herculist.com/members/index.cgi?ryanmcolon

Name State-Of-The-Art Mailer System
Description This is the BEST Safelist on the Internet bar none!!
Join URL http://state-of-the-art-mailer.com/?ref=85117

Name Traffic Hog Advertising
Description This is Marty Petrizza's newest site that is bringing together the best OLD ideas and some GREAT NEW IDEAS.
Join URL http://traffichogadvertising.com/?r=ryanmcolon

Name #1 Goldmine
Description This is the ONLY site that have these ad blasters. It will literally expose your websites to 4+ MILLION people, even if using them just ONCE.
Join URL http://1goldmine.com/ryanmcolon

Name TOP Dogs Rotator
Description Top Dogs.. will make YOU a Top Dog. Don't stay behind any longer. Treat yourself better than that... just run with the Top Dogs and reap the benefits.
Join URL https://topdogsrotator.com/ryanmcolon

Name Guaranteed Solo Mails
Description Another fantastic Safelist and Exchange system by Marty Petrizza!
Join URL http://guaranteedsolomails.com/?r=ryanmcolon

Name Referral Frenzy
Description Mail to 110 Top Mailers with just one click! Your very own powersolo every time!
Join URL http://referralfrenzy.com/?r=20493

Name Instant Traffic Generation
Description TOP of the line Worldprofit Creation. Massive signup bonus!
Join URL http://www.instanttrafficgeneration.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Bitcoin Ad Exchange
Description Earn in Bitcoin and much more!
Join URL http://bitcoinAdExchange.com/?rid=ryanmcolon

Name Snnap Safelist
Description It's a Snnap with Worldprofit's latest Safelist! This is a winner!
Join URL http://snnap.com/?rid=ryanmcolon

Name Referral Builder Elite
Description This site is going to be an ever growing source of advertising for you.
Join URL http://referralbuilderelite.com/?r=rmcunbound

Name Profit From FREE Ads
Description Profit by giving away FREE ads. Get your solo ads at no cost for LIFE! Another incredible site by Jane Mark. Yippee!
Join URL http://profitfromfreeads.com/ryanmcolon

Name List Joe
Description Awesome Top Safelist & Exchange
Join URL http://listjoe.com/splash/id/19/u/ryanmcolon

Name ListJumper
Description Jump to the TOP... even if you join last!
Join URL http://www.listjumper.com/?s=81520

Name Bweeble
Description Bweeble will help build your business and social branding. Plus get tons of Traffic to any website
Join URL http://bweeble.com/affb/ryanmcolon

Name Build My Downlines
Description Get Paid To Join Websites or Create An Offer To Build Your List Or Downline Anywhere
Join URL http://buildmydownlines.com/?s=64076

Name Unlimited Viral Ads
Description Instant Commissions To Your Paypal Account. Instant Traffic To Your Website! What more can you ask...
Join URL http://unlimitedviralads.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Viral Ad Land
Description New HOT and brought to you by Worldprofit. New members get 5,000 Ad Credits
Join URL http://www.viraladland.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Web Traffic eXtreme
Description Amazing new traffic and advertising system. Must be joined! Top Notch!!
Join URL http://www.webtrafficextreme.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Quantum Safelist
Description Over 18,000 Members and built by Worldprofit's master programmer George Kosch.
Join URL http://quantumsafelist.com/?ref=ryanmcolon

Name List Volta
Description A new hot program from the owners of Herculist
Join URL http://listvolta.com/s.php?ryanmcolon

Name The List Auction
Description Very cool safelist from our very senior member Magdi
Join URL http://www.thelistauction.com/content/index.php?aff=77264

Name Ultimate Safelist Exchange
Description Finally, a system that is both an exchange AND Safelist! YOU Get 10,000 Ad Credits for joining
Join URL http://www.ultimatesafelistexchange.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Money Maker Safelist
Description Brought to you by Worldprofit. This is a winner and YOU GET 10,000 Credits to JOIN!
Join URL http://www.moneymakersafelist.com/?rid=ryanmcolon

Name Post Ads View Ads
Description This site will explode your downlines, bring you sales, subscribers and make you money online daily.
Join URL http://www.postadsviewads.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Mister Safelist
Description Ultra Modern Super Safelist! Highly recommended!
Join URL http://mistersafelist.com/s.php?ryanmmcolon

Name Safelist King
Description HOT New Safelist powered by the LFMVM Script and Worldprofit!
Join URL http://safelistking.com/?rid=ryanmcolon

Name Adchiever
Description A new breed of Viral List Builder!
Join URL http://adchiever.com/?a=ryanmcolon

Name Dragon Safelist
Description This is ours. Tons of email postings are waiting for you...
Join URL http://dragonsafelist.com/?rid=ryanmcolon

Name Free Safelist Mailer
Description Free SafeList Mailer - Over 30,000 Members
Join URL http://www.freesafelistmailer.com/s.php?username=ryanmcolon

Name SafelisteXtreme
Description Worldprofit's HOT New Safelist. Get 50,000 mailing credits just for joining. First 500 members ONLY!
Join URL http://safelistextreme.com/?rid=ryanmcolon

Name Viral Mail Profits
Description New HOT State Of The Art Emailer System. Try it Free!
Join URL http://www.viralmailprofits.com/?rid=ryanmcolon

Name GlobalSafelist
Description Almost 10,000 members
Join URL http://globalsafelist.com/s.php?ryanmcolon

Name EuropeanSafelist
Description 5,000 credits for new accounts!
Join URL http://europeansafelist.com/s.php?ryanmcolon

Name Elite Safelist
Description Elite Safelist: Over 3500
Join URL http://elitesafelist.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Email My Ads
Description Over 5,000 Active Members and run by Worldprofit so you can't go wrong!
Join URL http://www.emailmyads.com/index.php?referid=ryanmcolon


Join Our Recommended Traffic Exchange Programs

How Traffic Exchanges work: for every site you visit (we call this "surfing"), you will receive one visitor back to your site. Most exchanges provide a 1:1 Ratio Exchange. There is no limit to the amount of free hits you can receive per day — 10, 100, or even 1000!

Feel free to join the programs below. If you join the programs below you will get over 50,000 FREE visitors by those companies combined just for signing up!!! After you join you can enter your referral IDs from the companies so that all of the people you sponsor can join under you. That will be 10 or more income streams added to your Worldprofit Dealership!


Name 1 Hoopla
Description Massive Traffic Generation IS Possible. The owner is incredible and this site is LOVED by Worldprofit!
Join URL https://1hoopla.com/r.cgi/114

Name CashJuice
Description Earn... Learn... Advertise... The FREE Way To... Build Your Followers, Build Your List, Make Money! And.... so much more
Join URL https://cashjuice.link/ryanmcolon

Name The Lead Magnet
Description Incredible well run traffic site. Lots of freebies when you join.
Join URL http://theleadmagnet.com/index.php?r=71637

Name Worldprofit Bitcoin Ad Exchange
Description Here is your chance to get a jump on the Bitcoin craze.
Join URL http://www.bitcoinadexchange.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Buckets of Banners
Description Banner advertising is one of the best forms of "passive" advertising there is. Not only can you gain sign ups over time.... you can use names, colors, and slogans to brand pretty much anything you want.
Join URL http://bucketsofbanners.com/?rid=24450

Name EasyHits4u
Description Our system is designed to help you promote your site by increasing number of visitors that actually view your site.
Join URL http://www.easyhits4u.com/?ref=ryanmcolon

Name Traffic Codex
Description Incredible new program to get free promo codes to hundreds of safelists and exchanges. This is GOLD!
Join URL http://trafficcodex.com/?ref=ryanmcolon

Name Dragon Surfer
Description HOT New Exchange powered by the LFMTE Script & Worldprofit!
Join URL http://dragonsurfer.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Leads Leap
Description Worldprofit has been a member of LeadsLeap.com and have always been impressed with all the values that it offers to its members, even for free members.
Join URL http://www.leadsleap.com?r=ryanmcolon

Name ListSurfing
Description The First Manual Traffic Exchange with NO Surf Ratio!! I love this idea...
Join URL http://www.listsurfing.com/?rid=55091

Name Dragon Surf
Description Fabulous traffic exchange. Red HOT and free credits to new members as always!
Join URL http://dragonsurf.com/?rid=106873

Name Traffic Ad Links
Description Worldprofit's Hottest Ad Exchange! Brand NEW. 5000 Signup Points & 1 Solo Email FREE!
Join URL http://www.trafficadlinks.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Profit Ad Links
Description Profit Ad Links (NEW & See Featured Promo Codes for 50,000 Credits + 10 Premium Links Silver/Plat Members ONLY))
Join URL http://www.profitadlinks.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon

Name Traffic Center
Description This site is for anyone who needs massive amounts of traffic delivered to their own websites on a consistent basis... for absolutely FREE!
Join URL http://trafficcenter.com/index.php?r=ryanmcolon


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